Tweetdeck on Slackware64 13.0

I recently came across this application ( thanks Nic ) so only natural that I try it out ( especially as I have an issue with the plasma twitter widget in KDE 4.2.4 ). Couple of issues though:

  • requires Adobe AIR
  • only 32-bit
  • packaged only for deb and rpm

I did some searching and with a couple of articles, managed to piece together an installation routine for Slackware64 13.0:

  • make sure your Slackware64 is multi-lib enabled
  • download the 32-bit packages of gnome-keyring and nss packages from the GSB project ( one is in l/ and the other in a/ )
  • convert to Slack64 compat packages using /usr/sbin/convertpkg-compat32 -i <package_file_name>
  • install converted packages above ( found in /tmp )
  • download AIR SDK ( not runtime )
  • mkdir /opt/AIR
  • extract archive into this directory
  • mkdir /opt/AIR-APPS/<app-name>
  • download the application ( for Tweetdeck I had to use Windows/FF as the manual download link did not show up in my Slack/FF )
  • extract ( using unzip ) to the APPS/<app-name> dirrectory
  • run using: /opt/AIR/bin/adl -nodebug /opt/AIR-APPS/tweetdeck/META-INF/AIR/application.xml /opt/AIR-APPS/tweetdeck

No too bad an install but it would be nice for Adobe to support non-rpm/deb users with a .tar.gz package and 64-bit Linux. Maybe to come?

One thought on “Tweetdeck on Slackware64 13.0”

  1. Thank you. I’ve just moved from 13.37 32-bit to 14.0 64-bit and figured this would work straightforwardly. I’m already using the SDK so no biggy there. Just need to get the multilib-enabled state.



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