Mweb strikes again

Most people will know that I dislike Mweb’s services and support. A lot! My experience with them over the years has shown a company that lacks any reasonable level of technical skill to solve client issues, and their support manner leaves a lot to be desired. Couple this with an uncapped ( non-business ) solution that compares to dial-up at the best of times, and one ends up looking elsewhere for internet services.

I have continuous issues with incorrect work being done on support requests and DNS changes that aren’t done or are done incorrectly. The switchover to their own ADSL backbone has been an exercise in patience for clients. Suffice it to say I recommend other ISPs to clients.

The latest bout of incompetence ( or customer non-satisfaction ) from Mweb is that they appear to be intercepting smtp traffic from ADSL clients. A client phoned this morning saying they could no longer send email ( using their office server ) – a quick test telnet’ing to the office server on port 25 showed in fact an mweb relay machine, something that was quite unexpected.

So what to do now? Well sit on the phone with a technician who knows very little for an hour or so …

UPDATE: Mweb Support requires sign-off from a manager before they can give you a ref. no. to get support … Urm yes.

UPDATE2: As of 5.30pm today, there has been no response from Mweb ( ticket 633973 logged at 11.30am this morning )

UPDATE3: Got a call this morning from a tech – surprise surprise, the issue was already sorted out …