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Linux Solutions

XStore provides a fuill range of Linux solutions ranging from applications to support/servicing and monitoring.  Herewith follows a short summary of applications and services:

  • Web services and applications
  • Email services ( antivirus, antispam, greylisting, RBL/DNSBL, content filtering ), virtual domain hosting. envelope scanning, mail storage ( IMAP/POP mbox/Maildir ), reporting
  • Load balancing, High Availability, Proxying, caching, web content filtering, web reporting
  • Content management systems
  • File sharing solutions ( cross platform, mirroring, high availability )
  • Systems monitoring ( applications, network layer )
  • Security ( firewall, application, patch management, auditing )
  • Advanced network functions ( redirection, protocol conversion, high availability, VPN, reverse proxy, load balancing )
  • Centralised syslog systems with database support
  • DevOps / Configuration Management

Load-balancing/Application Redirection/High Availability

  • Delegate protocol conversion
  • Zen Load Balancer v3/4
  • BalanceNG / Balance / TCPfork
  • HeartBeat - High availability for specific applications eg. Apache, Postfix, Samba
  • Alternate load-balancing and fronting through BalanceNG, Balance, Squid, Pound, and Zeus ZXTM
  • HAProxy
  • Several 9's Mysql ClusterControl
  • ProxySQL

Security/Network Management/Monitoring

  • Icinga/Nagios/Groundwork/Zenoss monitoring
  • Monit / Monitorix service monitoring and control
  • MRTG
  • centralised syslog with SyslogNG/phpsyslog - cross platform
  • Puppet / Saltstack
  • Netdata

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