SBK: Donnington

There was mixed fortunes for all classes in this weekend’s WSBK series. The biggest news of course is Haga’s massive high side coming into Coppis in the 2nd SBK heat. It was initially thought that he had fractured T8 and 9 vertebrae but after careful inspection, these were found to be sealed and from an earlier incident. The issues now relate to a fracture ulna and scapula. Screews and paltes were inserted into the forearm but the shoulder will just need to be rested. Even considering the seriousness of the injuries, you can bet Nori will be back at Brno in a month’s time.

The first race saw Biaggi sticking close to Spies for most of the race but it ended that way and Biaggi never really challenged. Biaggi also in second in the 2nd heat made a real hash of Melbourne loop and slid off. He got back on and promptly almost took Lagrive out. Bad boy but typically Biaggi. Haslam took a well fought 2nd place with Byrne and Fabrizio right behind. Thins are really tight at the top of the log with only 14 points separating Spies and Haga.

Cal Crutchlow took honours again in the SuperSport class after Laverty slid of early in the race. Gary McCoy, even though going on antient, took a well deserved 3rd place for Triumph.