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Slackware64 Multilib and GSB

I’ve had a few queries on setting up Slackware64 Multilib as well as GSB with -current. It’s not difficult at all but just requires one to follow a strict set of steps.


Eric Hameleers ( Alien ) has the definite write-up on Multilib on his site however I’ll provide a short synopsis here for the impatient.

The first thing to note is that you need a set of Multilib-enabled gcc and glibc packages available on Eric’s site. These need to coincide with the version of Slackware you are running so make sure you get the correct packages:

Slackware64 13

Slackware64 -current

Once downloaded, install using:

upgradepkg –reinstall –install-new *.t?z

Now we need to create 32-bit compat packages from an existing 32-bit installation tree. Have a 13.0 or -current tree available, make a directory somewhere for this purpose and: -i /path/to/slackware-13.0/slackware/

Once this is done, install using:

installpkg *-compat32/*.t?z

Add glibc and gcc as exclusions to your package manager to make sure the Multilib-enabled versions do not get overridden. Upgrades are done the same way except the compat packages, once generated, are installed using:

upgradepkg *-compat32/*.t?z


GSB is almost tricky but not quite. There are no current -current packages at the moment however the last 64-bit GSB available ( 2.28.1 ) works ok on Slackware64 -current. You may also need to get some of the 32-bit packages from this version – YMMV. The GSB site lists info relating to 2.28 and 2.30 for Slackware 13.1 so keep checking the site for updates.