Windows 8 a KDE clone?

Microsoft has always been accused of following the pack rather than innovating. So it’s no surprise that early screenshots of the Windows 8 copy dialogue seem to be a direct rip-off of the KDE 4 copy dialogue, from the ‘multiple copy operations in single dialogue’ visual aspect:


to the bandwidth usage graphs:


The look may not be exactly the same, however the idea is spot on. As they say, copying is the sincerest form of flattery.

One thought on “Windows 8 a KDE clone?”

  1. I’ve heard the same talk when Windows 7 was about to be released (I even remember a video of some journalist showing KDE to random people on street and asking them how the new Windows 7 looks and all were amazed by it:P). And this is what got me to try Linux in the first place. I said to myself I really need to try this and see how it is. Well I had some problems initially but finally managed to install openUSES with latest KDE and started playing with it ans I also liked it. When Windows 7 came out I installed it besindes Linux on computer and I could directly see how many things they copied from KDE. And it was all more nicely done in KDE. Nowdays I only use Windows for games and spend most of the time in Linux. And I’m not even surprised that Microsoft is copying from KDE again. I probably will not even upgrade to Window 8 when it comes out. Why waste money if you can get better (original) thing for free.

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