I’ve embarked on the interesting project of trying to find a reasonable turntable on which to listen to all my ‘old’ vinyl lp’s – I’ve so far come up with the Stanton T.50 ( belt-drive ) and T.60 ( direct-drive ), and then the Gemini TT-01 ( belt-drive ) and TT-02 ( direct-drive ). The Stanton’s don’t come with a phono preamp built in so I’ll have to get one – not sure about the Gemini’s. Prices are reasonable but is the quality? Any comments on the subject are welcome.

– Music for the Masses

Linux Podcasts

For those interested in podcasts and linux, take a look at the following 2 feeds:

1. Linux Link Tech Show http://www.thelinuxlink.net/tllts/tllts_ogg.rss

2. GNU/Linux User Show http://linuxuser.thepodcastnetwork.com/feed/

I’ve been using amarok for my music library software for a long time and it’s surprisingly good at doing podcasts as well.

– Funky Rat

Benchmarking Unix filesystems

Quite interesting in this Linux Gazette piece is that ext3/2 is now quicker in most scenarios than ReiserFS 3 or 4 when using the kernel. Seeing as I’ve had some corruption problems with ReiserFS 3, I’ve decided to move my data partitions to ext3 and I’m running 2.6.15 with Con Kolivas’ patches so let’s see…

– Drunken Monkey

WordPress Install

This is a fairly straightforward install.

1. unarchive and place dist directory in your apache docs path somewhere

2. cp wp-config-sample.php wp-config.php

3. edit and enter your mysql parameters

4. goto http://your.site.com/path-to-wp/wp-admin/install.php

5. note your admin password after install, login and change

If anyone is interested in hosting a blog at XStore, please let me know.

– Dog Eared Dog

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