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  • Mubarak and Nokia ( and Sony )

    I know you’re going to say ‘what’? An Egyptian autocrat, a Swedish phone maker and Japanese electronics giant in one article? But there is a very big similarity between these 3 subjects that’s brought 2 of them to their knees, and polarised popular view against the third: CHANGE Yip, both Mubarak and Nokia have been…

  • Cars

    Well the car saga seems to be drawing to a close – it’s now available for collection after nearly 2 months. Bored out to 2.8 with Nissan racing pistons slightly chamfered. Volume should be about the same as before due to these new pistons being flat unlike the Mahles which are concave. So same power…

  • First Blog on WordPress

    Hi All, Std. intro to my blog … tech news, every day yarns, moans and groans, music and movies. Everyone is welcome to reg and comment. Ta. Green Eyed Bug Monster.

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