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  • NAS and SMR collide

    NAS and SMR collide

    A ‘brief’ primer on NAS TL;DR move to the next section if you find this boring … NAS, being the (mostly) cheaper cousin to SANs, is used pervasively everywhere from SOHO environments to large corporates. Netapp (Network Appliance) basically invented the category in the 90’s with their F-series of units combining SMB and NFS access,…

  • Multichoice and some news

    Multichoice and some news

    DSTV has always been a contentious subject amongst South Africans.  Multichoice paved the way for pay-tv with the introduction of Mnet in the mid-80’s; following this, they introduced the digital satellite service DSTV in 1995 effectively becoming a monopoly in South Africa. High costs, many repeats and channel binding seem to show Multichoice as the…

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