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  • GPC / Global Privacy Control

    GPC / Global Privacy Control

    Do Not Track It’s quite amazing to think that DNT or Do Not Track was first proposed back in 2009 – 13 years ago. This was a first-stab method at the issue of website privacy and the horrendous marketing machine that is the internet. DNT was designed to allow users to opt-out of website tracking,…

  • SSL/TLS Certificate lifetime

    SSL/TLS Certificate lifetime

    The SSL/TLS certificate revocation system (CRL and OCSP) is broken. This is a fact known for a long time by the whole certificate industry. Long-lived certificates that have issues (eg. a certificate that was fraudulently issued), hang around on the Internet for extended periods (currently up to 3 years) potentially causing security and authenticity issues.…

  • Browser Security

    Browser Security

    Browser technology and security events always make for interesting reading especially due to the fact that we do the majority of our online work these days through browsers, be it general web surfing, accessing enterprise apps or managing systems and devices. Browser features and security are therefore critical – this shouldn’t even need to be…

  • Flash triple threat

    Flash triple threat

    The last week has been a very interesting one ( read OMG it’s almost the end of the world ) in the security world. There were new threats from all corners but Adobe Flash stole the show with 3 critical issues in 2 days. All 3 issues could result in remote code execution or DoS attacks.…

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