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  • KDE 4 continues to mature

    Much has been said, both negative and positive, about KDE 4 since it’s introduction almost 2 years ago now. Yes it was a rocky start but that was to be expected on a project this large. But the developers kept their cool and stuck to their vision. It’s interesting to still see some negative comments…

  • KDE 4.1 released

    The final version of KDE 4.1 is now available. While the 4.x series has been a bone of contention for many in terms of the radical change it has brought, 4.1 completes a lot of the work that has been brewing over the last year. While there are still areas needing to be addressed, 4.1…

  • KDE frontman dies

    Uwe Thiem, long time Namibian representative of KDE in Africa, died earlier this month of sudden kidney failure. Besides being the first to right a KDE book and being one of the original KDE developers, Uwe worked tirelessly to promote KDE and OSS specifically in the African context. He’ll be sorely missed. KDE 4.1, released…

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