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  • Symantec, Google and the SSL Monkey

    Symantec, Google and the SSL Monkey

    Some education first PKI or Public Key Infrastructure is a technology that allows website visitors to trust SSL certificates presented by SSL encrypted websites. An example is when you visit your Internet Banking website – you can verify the authenticity of the site by checking the SSL Certificate of the site ( ie. clicking on…



    Another day, another SSL attack. A new, low-cost attack has been found, that decrypts sensitive communications in a matter of hours and in some cases almost immediately. I hereby name you DROWN! And CVE-2016-0800. The attack works against TLS-protected communications that rely on the RSA cryptosystem when the key is exposed even indirectly through SSLv2, a TLS precursor…

  • Heartbleed SSL attack

    Heartbleed SSL attack

    The latest SSL attack in the form of Heartbleed ( ref. CVE-2014-0160 ) has burst onto the scenes in the last 24 hours with a bang. Effectively, Heartbleed is a weakness in OpenSSL that allows the theft of information that is under normal circumstances protected by SSL/TLS. It allows the memory of affected systems to be…

  • OpenID and SSL/DNS poisoning

    Ben Laurie of Google’s Applied Security team, while working with an external researcher, Dr. Richard Clayton of the Computer Laboratory, Cambridge University, found that various OpenID Providers (OPs) had TLS Server Certificates that used weak keys, as a result of the Debian Predictable Random Number Generator (CVE-2008-0166). In combination with the DNS Cache Poisoning issue…

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