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  • The great web developer con

    The great web developer con

    Another day, another dodgy web developer story. The premise: We would like to offer you a website design for X amount. But to do so, we need to transfer your domain to us. This tale is a pretty old one but it appears to be flourishing – the lure of a good once-off price for…

  • Heartbleed SSL attack

    Heartbleed SSL attack

    The latest SSL attack in the form of Heartbleed ( ref. CVE-2014-0160 ) has burst onto the scenes in the last 24 hours with a bang. Effectively, Heartbleed is a weakness in OpenSSL that allows the theft of information that is under normal circumstances protected by SSL/TLS. It allows the memory of affected systems to be…

  • Mobile Security in a nutshell

    Mobile security has morphed in the last few years to become a major area of security concern. It’s no longer just laptops that provide on-the-go networked computing – smartphones, tablets, ultra-portables, e-readers and other networked devices now all vie for a space in your electronic arsenal, and they all come with their unique set of…

  • Firefox 3.6 released

    The Mozilla Foundation is releasing the latest and greatest version of its Web browser, Firefox 3.6.

  • And Chrome again

    It appears I’m not the only one who is not impressed with Google Chrome – Jim Lynch over at ExtremeTech has written a very interesting article asking the question – why do we need Chrome at all? The answer is of course that we don’t need another browser – the current bunch do just fine.

  • A new search engine? – Cuil

    Cuil was launched earlier this week and hailed ( by its founder nonetheless ) as having indexed more than tripple the amount of information than its supposed closest rival, Google. Unfortunately, the first day saw porn results been returned for non-pornography related queries – apparently as a result of high load on the quantum computing-based…

  • Sysadmin Day!!!

    This blog has been a bit empty lately but never mind, Sysadmin day is here. For those actually interested, please go to: http://www.sysadminday.com/ Note carefully the Gift Idea section where you can get ideas of items to send me. Anything over R10K is acceptable.

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