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  • A flurry of app security updates

    Today has been a very busy day from a security update p.o.v. Microsoft as released an update for the critical hole in IE which as been out for about 3 weeks ( iepeers.dll ) and 9 other updates which apply to various IE/Windows combinations ) the F1 attack discovered a month ago unfortunately still remains…

  • VMWare forgets about BETA code

    VMWare developers recently left beta debug code in an update provided for ESX 3.5, with an expiry date built in. The result would be that users would lose access to their VM’s after applying the update and a ‘general system error’ would be indicated. While the updated update is now working and available, those who…

  • Linux kernel vmsplice vulnerability

    The recent vulnerability in the linux kernel pertaining to the vmsplice function has resulted in quite a hole in many Linux PCs all over the world. It is recommended to updated to immediately to close this loop hole. Please note that to successfully exploit this bug, you need to have at minimum unprivileged local…

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