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  • RDP – the gift that keeps on giving

    RDP – the gift that keeps on giving

    It’s long been known (at least in security circles) that the RDP protocol, as well as client and server implementations, are horribly broken. While a BlueKeep (the most recent RDP vulnerability) worm has yet to surface, brute-force password attacks on RDP services are a dime a dozen and occurring at a rapid rate. PoC code…

  • A little bit of ransomware with that Sauerkraut?

    A little bit of ransomware with that Sauerkraut?

    This past weekend’s shenanigans with WannaCry have been painful for many people. But the simple fact is that solutions for this specific issue ( and many others ) have been available for a long time. The initial patch for the MS17-101 issue was released by Microsoft in March 2017. Didn’t update? Many AV vendors have…

  • Office365 Ransomware attack

    Office365 Ransomware attack

    There is a massive ransomware attack targeting Office365 users at the moment. Originating on the 22nd of this month, the attack used phishing emails to distribute the Cerber ransomware, which encrypts users’ files and demands a ransom to decrypt the files. Cerber was widely distributed after its originator was apparently able to easily confirm that…

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