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  • Security issues in ADSL and other routers

    Security issues in ADSL and other routers

    I’ve never been a fan of using ADSL/Wifi routers as the main firewall for a network ( which unfortunately ends up being the case for most home users ). These are devices built to the cheapest price, using the cheapest software development and generally, there are very few ( if any updates ) for security…

  • ADSL Router Security in the crosshairs

    It’s long been a bugbear of mine when ADSL modems are used at the perimeter of networks as the security device/firewall. Including the fact that many of these units are made to the lowest cost possible and have many vulnerabilities, they are holy unsuited to the task of providing decent security. That’s why I always…

  • WorldWideWorx, Arthur Goldstuck and new cables

    The talk given by Arthur Goldstuck this evening at Bandwidth Barn was very enlightening. Entitled ‘the cables are coming’, it concentrated on the new undersea cables that are due to be going on line in the next few years, the effect they will have on the internet in SA and the internet trends in SA…

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