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  • Security News – wk2 Jan

    Security News – wk2 Jan

    I’m going to be pushing my security column out on at least a bi-monthly basis from now on – a 2016 resolution! ; ) This past week’s Patch Tuesday from Microsoft was quite a serious affair – 9 security advisories covering 25 vulnerabilities of which 6 advisories address critical level flaws in IE, Office, Windows and…

  • Internet Explorer the safest browser – yeah right!

    Microsoft has always bigged up their products using whatever mechanisms they can, including paid-for campaigns/ads and sometimes outright lying. The latest statement that IE is the most secure browser ( according to their yourbrowsermatters website ) fits into this latter category. One has to wonder how Microsoft comes about the scores provided on the site.…

  • IE hole has first blood drawn by Amnesty International

    The latest 0-day hole in Internet Explorer has been exploited by vulnerabilities in the Amnesty International web site. The hole itslef is related to flawed processing routines for parsing certain Cascading Style Sheet combinations in HTML documents. This allows attackers to manipulate certain pointers and execute injected code at the user’s privilege level. The new…

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