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  • Adobe: Stop using Flash

    Adobe: Stop using Flash

    Wow! This is one for the books – Adobe telling everyone to stop using a product of theirs! http://blogs.adobe.com/conversations/2015/11/flash-html5-and-open-web-standards.html?scid=social_20151201_55826586&adbid=671559505906282496&adbpl=tw&adbpr=63786611 This is just reinforcing what we’ve known all along – Flash is a security nightmare! Mozilla and Chrome have been actively blocking flash for some time now and I must say, I don’t really miss it. Considering…

  • Flash triple threat

    Flash triple threat

    The last week has been a very interesting one ( read OMG it’s almost the end of the world ) in the security world. There were new threats from all corners but Adobe Flash stole the show with 3 critical issues in 2 days. All 3 issues could result in remote code execution or DoS attacks.…

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