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  • VPNFilter and other neat tricks

    VPNFilter and other neat tricks

    The Spectre and Meltdown attacks that came to light at the beginning of the year have been the main focus of this year’s security issues however there has been a lot more going on than that. On that note though, additional Spectre variations have been found (we’re up to v4 now); as well, the BSD…

  • Loki god of …?

    Loki god of …?

    In the field of IT Security, one learns very quickly that there’s always another security risk around the corner. An old favourite, the Loki Botnet, is back for another bite of the pie shortly after the fun with WannaCry a week ago. ( Loki a god in Norse mythology, was sometimes good and sometimes bad.…

  • A little bit of ransomware with that Sauerkraut?

    A little bit of ransomware with that Sauerkraut?

    This past weekend’s shenanigans with WannaCry have been painful for many people. But the simple fact is that solutions for this specific issue ( and many others ) have been available for a long time. The initial patch for the MS17-101 issue was released by Microsoft in March 2017. Didn’t update? Many AV vendors have…

  • The NSA and Ransomware. Oh and a bit of HPE on the side.

    The NSA and Ransomware. Oh and a bit of HPE on the side.

    If ever there was a perfect example of stupidity, the new highly virulent strain of WanaCrypt ransomware that is currently spreading like wildfire, is it. And that stupidity is care of the NSA; who in their infinite wisdom, wrote exploits based on 0-day vulnerabilities that should have been reported to the relevant vendors, but was…

  • Security News – WK4 May 2016

    Security News – WK4 May 2016

    The great Linkedin hack A hacker called “Peace” recently tried to sell a password database of ~ 117 million Linkedin login details that come as a the result of a 2012 breach on the professional relationship social media site. In a blog post published on May 18, LinkedIn CISO Cory Scott wrote, “Yesterday, we became…

  • The scourge of Ransomware

    The scourge of Ransomware

    From Wikipedia: Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents or limits users from accessing their system. This type of malware forces its victims to pay the ransom through certain online payment methods in order to grant access to their systems, or to get their data back. Some ransomware encrypts files. To say that Ransomware…

  • Home routers: security fail

    Home routers: security fail

    It’s no secret that I absolutely hate non-business/home-based ( ADSL/3G/other ) routers. From  a security point of view, they have a history of never-ending security issues that result in a variety of malicious attacks including DNS reflection, remote control, spam, malware infections and  other attacks. There are other serious issues including ( but not limited…

  • The end of Windows XP

    The end of Windows XP

    Windows XP support will officially end on April the 8th next week. This is a very important change that appears to have escaped many people. Why important? Because you will no longer be receiving any updates ( security or other ) from Microsoft for XP. That effectively means that if there is a security hole…

  • Large security breach involving fast food outlets and banks in SA

    A variant of the Dexter malware has apparently been running on POS systems unchecked for quite a while. All of SA’s banks have been hard hit by the losses incurred as a result of arguably one of the largest security breaches in SA history. More info here: http://www.techcentral.co.za/sa-banks-in-massive-data-breach/44338/

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