MotoGP Misano

For the second race in a row, Casey Stoner has bit the dust after leading the race, leaving Rossi to clean up and take 1st place. Fact is, Stoner is just pushing to hard ( or something about a scrubbed in tyre? – excuses, excuses ). The Ducati GP08 is a great bike, but at some point, the laws of physics come into play ( even if these guys are brilliant at what they do ). So, the race happened behind Rossi, with Toseland a creditable 6th, Lorenzo getting back to form in 2nd and Elias showing up a well-ridden 2nd podium in a row ( 3rd ). Somewhat of a surprise is Pedrosa’s immediate switch to Bridgestone after the race. The meeting with Michelin must have been very interesting … And pick of the 250cc race was Mikka Kallio hitting the back of his team mate, Aoyama. Bet he’s popular now.