New email service coming from XStore and SilcomIT

ISPs have recently been getting very strict in terms of email usage on their ADSL networks and have implemented quota management for outbound email when using their smtp relays. As a result, a client could:

  • have email rejected once a certain threshold is reached ( eg. 30 emails per sender per hour )
  • be disconnected from the internet once a 2nd higher threshold is reached

This obviously causes serious issues for those who deal with marketing emails, emailing lists and generally a higher usage than what the ISPs allow. I’ve already seen 2 clients this week be disconnected from the  internet due to UBE ( unsolicited bulk email ) notices.

As a result, XStore and SilcomIT are combining under the name of EmailStor to offer a relay service for all clients who need a customised service for sending email. The service will be available from this week coming and will include a myriad of additional email features like:

  • selectable rate and storage quotas per domain and/or per user
  • mailing lists
  • forwarding/bounces ( eg. single to multiple – simple mailing list )
  • aliases

The sequence is currently:

user -> company email server -> ISP relay -> recipient server

this will change to:

user -> company email server -> EmailStor relay -> recipient server

The system is still being built as we speak but will have initial relay services available from next week. Additional services and features will come on-line in the next few weeks.

In addition, we will be offering other internet services:

  • email hosting with POP3 and IMAP support
  • backup email service
  • web hosting
  • ftp/data storage
  • dns hosting

We’re busy putting the website, pricelists and business documentation together – this will be available from tomorrow and we’ll send out an email explaining the service.

Note, to limit the possibility of UBE being sent from your network ( eg. from a virus-infected PC ), please consult XStore to make sure your firewall allows ( and has enabled ) the ability to block outbound smtp traffic from all internal computers except your mail server.