Android Security

I’ve been a keen Android user for many years now; as I am with all things Linux. I really do believe that Linux, and other associated FOSS software, has proven a great advantage for us bipedals, allowing those in a not so fortunate financial situation to still use high grade software and achieve their goals. And Linux has had what can only be described as an enviable track record with security – it hasn’t come out completely unscathed but it has remained consistently ( considering it is one of the most complex ) a very secure piece of software.  And many other FOSS software project exhibit the same vein of stability and security.

There is a whole lot of rhetoric and FUD from commercial companies regarding the use of FOSS in the enterprise,  but that is just what it is and mostly without substance. FOSS has proven itself over the years and is not only the biggest class of software used world-wide for Internet infrastructure, but it has also made huge inroads in the corporate market and is now a standard there.

So the fact that Android as a platform has become so-to-say ubiquitous is very good news. Of course, any ubiquitous platform becomes a target for crackers, malware and virus vectors ( witness the thriving market for Windows-based security issues ). And it’s clear from many sources that there is a very large proportion of bad stuff targeting Android. What’s not so clear, and has been absent almost completely from those spouting the numbers ( mostly AV companies ), is how much of this stuff is actually having an effect on Android.

And the answer is apparently very little:

So for those running Android, don’t believe the security hype – just make sure you follow good security practices when using your mobile phone or tablet ( well in fact any computing device ) and you’ll be fine.

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